Welcome to the eXtro-media.de demo site

all our extensions for Joomla can be tested here, in the frontend as well as in the backend, just like on your own Joomla installation.

backend access:
username: demo
password: demo

On our demo site you can get more information about our Joomla extensions, and how our extensions can support you in your daily work with the Joomla CMS.


is a component/plugin which allows you to automatically replace keywords by links. You'll get a better overview of the links on your site and so you can avoid dead links on your site. As a additional effect, you'll speed up indexing by search engines such as google or yahoo since you have a better linking on your site.


allows to to easily create forms on your Joomla based site. You can test this component on our demo site in frontend and backend, some features are deactivated for security reasons, such as file upload or sneding emails. eXtroForms is also available as a free lite version. You have to register to download eXtroForms lite.


Another extension that is installed is our Autocheckin plugin, which is only active in the backend. This plugin automatically checks in menus, categories, articles, modules and plugins which havn't been checked in by the last accessing user. It's very useful if a user forgot to check in these elements or if the browser has crashed.


creates pure CSS3 Tooltips: move your mouse arrow


example: google
for a demo of eXtroTips.

Demo Placeholder Pictures

(für die Entwicklung/Demo Bilder in Layouts)

 450px x 200px